The Hunt Continues…

Well, it’s been a while since I was laid off and still no work. I’ve been applying for jobs here and there, but I’m not getting any bites. Last week, however, I applied for a sales job with an office furniture company and was quickly called in for an interview. Hurray! After the interview my excitement at the prospect of returning to work diminished somewhat. The job was straight commission, with no benefits and two weeks vacation. Well, straight commish might not be a fair statement, as there was a draw on commission. So, during the slow months you go into debt with the company and when it gets busy your commissions go toward paying back that debt. I have a friend in the industry who tells me office furniture sales are pretty much stagnant. That fact, coupled to no benefits, makes the job somewhat unappealing. After careful consideration over the weekend, I called them on Monday to tell them I’d be going in a different direction. I’m really starting to re-evaluate the idea of getting back into sales. I think something in project management would be a better fit for me. I love problem solving and am very analytical, both important skills in that field.


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